We offer one year warranty for our customers. For the Gynoculars that are out of the warranty period, we will provide discount for trading a new one for sustainable and environment-friendly reason, the discount will be differed from different expiration period. 

Our services

Our services


We offer our customer the guidance to install and manipulate the Gynocular system. We also offer one year warranty and the post-service for our customers. For the software, we help our present customer with Gynocular with one year free licence of our software Colpadvisor.                                                                

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Gynius has developed our own software Colpadvisor and all the customers will be offered with one year free license.                                                                           


What type of medical practitioners can use this product?

· Gynecologists 

· Family practitioners 

· Midwives 

· Eventually forensic medical practitioners

What are the technical specifications?

Magnification: 5x, 8x, 12x

Optics: Green filter, warm LED white light with accurate color rendering similar to a bright halogen lamp.

Battery: Last at least 2 hours of continous use which is sufficient for one to two days screening.

Why a monopod/arm?

After using it around the world, we really prefer the monopod/arm that we supply – it is portable, easy to maneuver, and has skinny & flat legs that are not obstructive. However, we made the device adaptable to any standard (1/4 in.) tripod.  

FAQs Part 2

Where is the Gynocular made?

Custom optics made in England. 

Electronics in South Africa, Asia.

Each unit is hand-assembled, and individually tested in Italy and Sweden. 

What is the size of the Gynocular?

Weight: 420 grams

Long: 10cm

How long does the Gynocular run on battery time?

With a full charge the Gynocular lasts for 2 hours continous light which is sufficient for one-two days of screening. It comes with a rechargeable battery, usually found in a Nokia cell phone. Our battery is medical grade and safety tested. 


We connect the Gynocular with the up-to-date smart phones and the picture is taken, stored and transferred by the phone. We can even work with Huawei Mate 20 pro that renders 40M pixels.