We offer one year warranty for our customers. For the Gynoculars that are out of the warranty period, we will provide discount for trading a new one for sustainable and environment-friendly reason, the discount will be differed from different expiration period. 

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Our services

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We offer our customer the guidance to install and manipulate the Gynocular system. We also offer one year warranty and the post-service for our customers. For the software, we help our present customer with Gynocular with one year free licence of our software Colpadvisor.                                                                

Promote current deals

Promote current deals

Promote current deals


Gynius has developed our own software Colpadvisor to help gynecologists manage their patients easily.                                                                          

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What type of medical practitioners can use this product?

· Gynecologists 

· Family practitioners 

· Midwives 

· Eventually forensic medical practitioners

What are the technical specifications?

Magnification: 5x, 8x, 12x

Optics: Green filter, warm LED white light with accurate color rendering similar to a bright halogen lamp.

Battery: Last at least 2 hours of continous use which is sufficient for one to two days screening.

Why a monopod/arm?

After using it around the world, we really prefer the monopod/arm that we supply – it is portable, easy to maneuver, and has skinny & flat legs that are not obstructive. However, we made the device adaptable to any standard (1/4 in.) tripod.  

Where is the Gynocular made?

Custom optics made in England. 

Electronics in South Africa, Asia.

Each unit is hand-assembled, and individually tested in Italy and Sweden. 


We connect the Gynocular with the up-to-date smart phones and the picture is taken, stored and transferred by the phone. We can even work with Huawei Mate 20 pro that renders 40M pixels.  


I am used to working with a binocular colposcope. Is a monocular Gynocular just as good?

Yes. In our experience, our customers quickly adapt to using a monocular. It takes a little practice, usually 8-10 patients is more than sufficient. From then on, feedback from customers confirms conducting colposcopy with a monocular colposcope is just as good as using a binocular colposcope.

What magnifications does the Gynocular offer? And what about the green filter?

With the Gynocular, you are able to magnify the image viewed 5x, 8x and 12x. When you switch the Gynocular on, it automatically starts at 8x. If using the green filter option, the Gynocular automatically switches to the 12x magnification as this combination is best suited for viewing cervical lesions in high resolution. Learn more on the technical specificaitons of Gynocular.

Do I need to adjust the focus when switching between magnifications?

No. The focal distance of the Gynocular is 30cm. Once you have it in focus for one magnification, you can switch between the others without having to readjust the focus yourself, as the Gynocular does this automatically. This differs from standard stationary colposcopes which usually require to have the focus readjusted between magnifications.

Does the Gynocular need to be plugged into the mains electricity supply?

No. The Gynocular comes with a rechargeable battery which offers 2 hours continuous illumination. It has been specifically designed for a whole day of clinical examinations. In order to recharge the battery, you simply place the Gynocular in its docking station. 

Has the Gynocular been clinically tested?

Yes. We have done clinical studies in Sweden, India, Bangladesh and Uganda, with very successful results. Copies of these are available on our website at  https://gynius.se/articles 

I do not like using the Gynocular as a handheld colposcope. Are there any alternatives available?

Yes. The Gynocular comes with a plastic sheath enabling it to be attached to any standard camera stand. We also offer a range of stands for purchase, including both mono and tripod varieties. 

Can the Gynocular offer the same quality of colposcopy examination as a standard stationary colposcope?

Yes. Our clinical studies (copies available on our website) have compared colposcopy examination results between those using a Gynocular versus those using a standard stationary colposcope. The studies have repeatedly shown that the quality of colposcopy examination possible is the same, and that the Gynocular is able to achieve equal results as those obtained from colposcopy via a standard stationary colposcope.

Can you take photographs of the colposcopy examination using the Gynocular?

The Gynocular itself cannot be used to take photographs. However, we have developed a smartphone adapter which allows for a smartphone to be mounted to the Gynocular. 

I want to use my smartphone but have concerns about patient confidentiality if using the camera of my smartphone to take photographs. What options are available?

We have developed software, ColpAdvisor, that provides a secure, electronic, clinical records database system, for the storage and transfer of colposcopy examination data. This application, which runs either on Windows desktop computers or on handheld Android devices (thus facilitating a direct integration with the Gynocular hardware), can be used for case discussions, enhancement of patient follow-up and for training purposes, either on- or off-line.

What is the estimated lifespan of the Gynocular?

We have conducted a rigorous quality assurance process and estimate that the optics of the Gynocular will operate at 100% for a period of 5 years. After this time their quality may reduce slightly, however not to such an extent so as to prevent colposcopy examination using the Gynocular. 

Standard stationary colposcopes require regular maintenance. The Gynocular has been specifically designed to be free from the need for maintenance, and is intended to be durable presuming it is handled appropriately.

I am a practicing Gynaecologist with significant experience in the field. How do you know that the Gyncocular will meet my needs relating to colposcopy examinations?

The Gynocular was invented by Swedish gynecologist. As a practicing clinician, our gynecologists are very aware of the limitations posed by standard stationary colposcopes, including their weight, need for regular maintenance and high price. Our gynecologists understand the requirements for conducting a high quality colposcopy examination very well. Thus we invented the Gynocular, which satisfies all the requirements for a high quality colposcopy examination, and with significant improvements relating to its portability (its lightweight and battery powered) and lack of ongoing maintenance requirements. 


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