Gynius Plus AB fulfills the expectation of gynecologist for cervical cancer solution through Gynocular™

Swedish company Gynius Plus AB is striving to provide the best cervical cancer solution, by creating high-quality, more accessible and affordable portable colposcope called Gynpcular™. The solution incorporates high-quality medical optics with fully secure and user-friendly software ColpAdvisor.

From 21-23 May, Gynius was at Vitalis 2019 in Gothenburg, the Nordic region’s leading conference and fair on eHealth and future care. Hundreds of representatives from the municipality, regions, private healthcare providers, authorities, academia and industry had visited Gynius’s stand.

The conference brought together the world’s leading digital health companies with experts from around the world. Over three days, Gynius attracted lots of visitors through high-quality optical portable colposcope and innovative telemedicine solutions for cervical cancer prevention, detection, and treatment.

“The product is amazing! My colleagues show a huge interest for Gynocualr. And my understanding that the product in the future will have an equally obvious role in the gynecological routine diagnose like the ultrasound.” says Daniel Altman, one of the visitors and the gynecologist from Karolinska Institute. 

“Our aim is to improve women’s health around the world with a product that is cost-effective and easy to use!” says Huaqing Li, CEO and founder of Gynius Plus AB.


The Gynocular™ - an innovation in Global Health presented by Unitaid

The Unitaid under World Health Organization (WHO) invests in better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases. In its newest technology landscape for Cervical Cancer, the GynocularTM, digital imaging approach for colposcopy from Gynius Plus AB, is designed as a battery-powered, hand-held colposcope. The GynocualrTM has cutting edge optics, a green filter, warm LED lighting, and three different levels of magnification with up to 12x magnification, which makes it the leading optical and portable colposcope in the world.

Gynius also developed a remote software solution, called ColpAdvisor, that can capture, store and send high-quality images of patients’ cervix to gynecologists, nurses, etc. Gynius is currently developing our artificial intelligence (A.I) program, which is another step in our journey to ensure that no women die from this preventable disease.

Huaqing Li, Gynius Plus AB CEO, said “we are delighted to bring to general gynecology practitioners the same high-quality imaging and secure data storage. The ColpAdvisor is another step in our commitment to bring new technological solutions to enhance women’s health around the world. We will continue to apply the latest technology to create innovative solutions for every woman.

The ColpAdvisor can be used as a stand-alone system or be integrated into existing electronic medical records. The system has full data security and related image polishing approach to assist general gynecology practitioners to achieve an easier and quicker diagnosis. With ColpAdvisor, Gynius is providing the more accessible and achievable solution for cervical cancer detection and treatment. 



Coming events


Our CEO Dr. Huaqing Li is invited to East African to collaborate with local institutes and governments regarding increasing the screening and surgery level in East Africa via Gynocular. 

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Gynius has developed our own software ColpAdvisor and all customers will be offered with one year free license.

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Gynius sponsed RAM charity foundation to Guyana again this March and helps local people receiving colposcopy from Gynocular. The session is a successor of last October's Guyana trip.